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With MeRT, you can improve brain function, re-establish brain health and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Each brain is unique. Each condition is unique.
Each treatment is unique.

MeRT is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and personalized form of neuromodulation used to treat diverse neurological, developmental, and sensory conditions, including but not limited to: TBI, Depression, Anxiety, Autism, PTSD, and Sports Injuries.

While the FDA has cleared the neuromodulation equipment used in MeRT to treat Major Depression Disorder, it can also be used off-label for other medical pathologies.

The Process

4 Steps to a Healthier You

We conduct an eyes-closed 10-minute quantitative electroencephalogram (q-EEG), and electrocardiogram (EKG) tests that measure brain wave frequencies, heart rate, and brain-heart coherence.

Our scientific and clinical teams analyze the results to better understand your brain state.

We then analyze the EEG recording session and derive deep insight into each patient’s brain health. Our analysis combines expertly-honed algorithms with years of historical data to create an actionable cognitive report that can help your doctor determine the best path moving forward.

While sitting comfortably, a trained technician will position the magnetic coil on your head. This coil will deliver your individualized treatment protocol to the targeted region of the brain.

The technician applies stimulation for 6-8 seconds per minute. A typical appointment is 45 minutes, 30 minutes of which involve stimulation.

We take sequential q-EEG and EKG recordings every 10 treatments to monitor progress and make any necessary modifications to your treatment protocol. This ensures we’re always taking the best approach based on your current neurological state. A typical course of MeRT varies, but on average ranges between 4-6 weeks, Monday through Friday.

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If you have any questions about MeRT, and how you can get started, we are ready to help.

Learn More About the BTC Experience for Autism

We Can Help You

MeRT Treatment protocols have shown incredible success through non-invasive technology for children and adults alike, improving symptoms of Autism such as speech improvements, eye contact, and interpersonal connections.

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For us, mental wellness isn’t a trend but a way of life – it is the wave of the future.

With MeRT, patients have seen significant improvements in symptoms for a variety of conditions, including:

  • PTSD

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Each person is unique, and our brains are no exception. We offer a personal approach to various neurological conditions to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a change,

you’re in the right place.

MeRT, or Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, is an emerging treatment protocol that uses the combined technologies of rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram, and EKG (Electrocardiogram) to tailor treatment protocols to each patient’s unique brain wave patterns.

MeRT is non-surgical, non-invasive, painless, and completely drug-free. We use gentle magnetic waves to reprogram dysfunctional electrical signals in the brain. This, in turn, can modify behavior and restore function.

Unlike standard rTMS therapy, which delivers stimulation to one location at a fixed frequency for all patients, the MeRT approach individualizes the treatment frequency and location based on each patient’s Quantitative EEG and EKG, resulting in a customized MeRT℠ protocol.

Cortical MeRT treatment delivers magnetic pulses to precisely targeted areas of the brain.

A typical appointment of MeRT consists of 30 trains of non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation delivered for 6 seconds each with 54 seconds of rest period between trains to a specific location on the head. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Functional recovery is the primary objective of the treatment. Each patient is unique, and so are their results.

Expected benefits of functional recovery include:

Better sleep
Increased sleep duration
Reduction of stress symptoms
Reduction of pain
Increased concentration and focus
Improvement in mood
Increased attention span
Increased sociability
Increased motivation
Improvement in clarity of thought
Decreased cravings (e.g., drugs and alcohol)
Increased emotional stability
Increased ability to adapt to change
Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
In Autism, benefits may include, emotional regulation, speech development, better concentration, increased awareness, impulse regulation, sensory regulation and eye contact.

It’s Time to Feel Like
Yourself Again

If you want to live a healthy life, a healthy brain is a must.

Did You Know?

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Using ground-breaking, non-invasive MeRT technology, we create a personalized path to exponentially improve your brain health.

The MeRT treatment protocols utilize brainwave analysis to isolate specific areas of the brain that are not functioning or communicating the way they should. We then use this data to develop a targeted, personalized approach to promote healthier brain communication.